Junior Church

Our Junior Church takes a very active view of our faith. Using the structure of:

Ready... Steady... Go

We look at the Biblical basis of our theme (Ready), prepare to carry out some activity (Steady) and put that activity into practice (Go).

One example is looking at the Creation story and our role as stewards (Ready), preparing to undertake some practical activities as stewards of Creation (Steady) and then litter-picking in our locality (Go).

Another example is how we looked at the Lord's Prayer.

In our first week, we read the Lord's Prayer and discussed what it meant. (Ready)

In our second week, we prepared prayer stations covering different aspects of the Lord's Prayer. (Steady)

In our third week, we invited the congregation as part of the family service to come into the hall and engage with the prayer stations. (Go)

This was a great success, as illustrated buy the pictures below.



Lead us not into temptation



Thy will be done



Give us this day our daily bread



Our Father, who art in heaven



Thy Kingdom come - decorating a crown fridge magnet



Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us - sins represented by "smelly socks"

Junior Church is not just 'Sunday School' but rather our young people doing and being church together. As such, as illustrated here, Junior Church can teach 'Senior' Church in matters of faith. As a church we are very grateful for our young people's insights.