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Words From God
Seedfield Mission Statement

“This church at Seedfield exists to demonstrate our love for Christ, our love for each other and Christ’s love for the world.”
Sunday 22nd September
1 Timothy 2:1-7
Rev David Somerville
Sunday 8th September
(Start Missed)
Jeremiah 18:1-11
Psalm 139:1-10, 13-18,        23-24
Sharon Garner
Sunday 11th August
(Start Missed)
Luke 12:22-32
Matthew 5:1-20
Judith Hainsworth
Sunday 4th August
Colossians 3:1-3 & 12-17
Jeff Barker
Sunday 28th July
Luke 11:1-13
Matthew 6:24-34
Rev Laurie Bullas
Sunday 21st July
John 13:34-35
Rev David Burton
Sunday 26th May
John 14:23-27
Romans 6:12-23
Richard Selby
Sunday 12th May
Luke 24:13-35
1 Peter 1:12-23
John Potter
On this page you will find audio files of recent sermons and talks which we have hear during our recent Sunday services. The table shows the Bible readings on which the talk is based. Just click on the arrow symbol adn your computer's media player should play the file for you to listen to.