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Seedfield Mission Statement

“This church at Seedfield exists to demonstrate our love for Christ, our love for each other and Christ’s love for the world.”
The church supports one professional worker, The Rev. David Somerville is our minister. He also has responsibility for Holcombe Brook Methodist Church. 

We have three main teams for leadership:

The Church Stewards/Leadership - A group of people who have leadership responsibilities within the church and who have responsibility for running the services

The Sunday Stewards - Who have responsibility for running the services

The Church Council - Elected representatives from all areas of church who make major decisions on all aspects of church life.

Minister - Rev David Somerville  Tel: 0161 718 8578 david.somerville@methodist.org.uk

Senior Steward - Mr. Brian Sharples Tel: 01617613588

Secretary to Church Council, Stewards/Leadership- Mrs Mary Smith

Church Treasurer - Mr. Paul Vipond

Stewards/Leadership - The Minister, Brian Sharples, Cath Hulbert, John Westwell, Paul Vipond,

Sunday Stewards -  Sue Sharples, Mary Smith, Dave Barrow, Ann Mears, Gareth Warburton,
Kath Havenand, John Westwell, Dave Harrison, Cath Hulbert, John Wroe.

Church Council - Sharon Read, Paul Vipond, David Roscoe, Ann Rigby, Susan Boaden, Pauline Kershaw,  Caroline Jones, Brian Sharples, Dave Harrison, Elizabeth Layfield, Cath Hulbert, John Westwell, Ken Jones, Sherryl Harrison, Helen Jones, Fiona Platt, Joel Cooke, Sue Sharples, June Leeming, Mary Smith.

Junior Church Leader . Clare Clow

Other Useful Information

Weekly notices Compiler - Ian McKernan 07511 557225 or 01614653612. His email address is: ian@mckernan.org.uk

Web Site Editor - Mrs Janet Roscoe - 0161 797 4284 (after 11 am.) janetroscoe20@gmail.com. For website business only.

Contact person for heating and emergencies e.g. broken windows Sherryl Harrison 0161 764 5690

Contact person for room booking Sherryl Harrison 0161 764 5690

JMA Mrs Lynn Telfer

Ladies Circle Mrs Janet McKernan 0161 465 3612

Safeguarding Co-ordinator Mrs S Sharples

Organist Tim Boaden

Worship Team Leader Andrew Clow